Compare the performance, costs, and benefits of Green Infrastructure to conventional stormwater practices.

This calculator allows you to define one or more properties and then evaluate what combination of Green Infrastructure Best Management Practices (BMPs) meet the necessary volume capacity capture goal in a cost-effective way.

Enter a location for local rainfall data:

Volume Capacity Capture Goal

Increase the capacity of the landscape to capture at least 0 inches of water over the impervious areas. For this scenario that is equal to 0 ft3 or a volume of 0 gallon.

The Green Infrastructure BMPs included below can provide runoff reduction benefits through infiltration, evapotranspiration, and reuse of captured stormwater for irrigation and other non-potable uses. Green infrastructure BMPs provide additional environmental benefits including carbon sequestration, reduced energy use, and groundwater recharge in addition to reduced construction and maintenance costs and extended design life. Experiment with applying different combinations of BMPs then see how you can progress towards meeting the specified runoff reduction goal, reduce total runoff volume from the site (annually and for the average storm), reduce site imperviousness, and affect life-cycle costs and benefits.

Roof Water Capture

Roof Water Redirection


Directing Runoff

Permeable Paving

Total Cost: $0

Total Land Use

Choose a template or design a custom scenario.

Land Use

Original Area Area including BMP(s)
Total Impervious Area 0 ft2 0 ft2
Total Landscape Area 0 ft2 0 ft2
Total BMP Area 0 ft2
Total Lot Area 0 ft2 0 ft2
Other Volume Control 0 gallons